Book Review: Recipe for Love by Aurora Rey

An appetizing romance. 

Drew is a biracial hot shot chef from the City. She takes a job as head chef in upstate New York to speed up the timeline for becoming a head chef in Manhattan. She’s not excited about country living but it’s a means to an end. 

Hannah owns a farm in upstate that provides fresh product to a friend’s restaurant. When the butch city slicker, Drew, pops in, she doubts that the chef will make it long at all.

I loved the setting of this story. It was fun to hang out in the restaurant with Drew and harvest goods on the farm with Hannah. All of the characters were likable and had genuine growth throughout. 

There was plenty of chemistry. Things started off pretty quickly, but it wasn’t insta-love. More like insta-lust. And that made things play out believably as emotions began to add complication to things. 

There was some necessary angst as they navigate making decisions between chasing hearts or fulfilling dreams. 

I recommend this to anyone who loves romance, fresh produce, country life, dinner, and tractors named ‘Bertie.’

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