Book Review: Romancing The Kicker by Catherine Lane

This was a nice, sports-themed, romance. 

I thought that the idea of a Vegas arena and the team name ‘The Rollers’ was creative. 

I wish we were this close to having a female NFL kicker. 

The book was well fleshed out. All avenues were thought of and considered for such an ambitious story-line. The characters were all likable and had interesting backgrounds. 

The primary theme was family and that is what made this such an endearing read. 

I did like the romance. It took a long time to develop, but there were a lot of interactions leading up to that. I wish there would have been a bit more conversation or resolution to the fact that Parker had only previously went through women fairly quickly. It was a concern for Carly, but I didn’t feel like there was anything that would have made her feel comfortable enough to proceed.

I think this book has the best first ‘I love yous’ ever. Cheesy but it really worked for me.

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