Book Review: Secrets In A Small Town by Nicole Stiling

There are actually NO secrets in this small town. 

Savannah is an uppity town manager and Micki is the amiable Deputy Chief. These two have not gotten along ever since Micki rolled into town. They continue to challenge each other in town meetings, budget discussions, and personal interactions until someone starts sending unwanted gifts to Savannah and Micki needs to provide protection.

I can’t believe this is a debut offering from Nicole Stiling. I thoroughly enjoyed this story from beginning to end.

The main characters had a lot of tension and developed chemistry as they had to spend more time together. I really loved Savannah’s little girl Eliana and her dynamic with Micki. They would gang up on Savannah together. Fun banter. 

I appreciated the Savannah was bisexual but there was no preaching, explanation, or any huge amount of attention put to it. It was just as is. Refreshing.

I had fun trying to figure out who Savannah’s stalker was. I thought I knew. I was wrong. 

Everything about this was captivating. The only thing I had an issue with was how snotty Savannah was in the beginning. There was a lot of growth with her character but I wish she would have been a TAD bit more tame to start off.

I recommend this to people who love romance, mystery, girl cops, ice queens, small towns, and the song “You are my Sunshine.”

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