Book Review: Shut Up And Kiss me by Julie Cannon

A hot and cold romance that left me wanting more. 

Lowe is the daughter of wealthy parents. She has ventured away from that lifestyle by moving to Phoenix and opening her own business. Once a year she visits her parents and sister on the Escape. A large ship that her parents live on. 

Faith is a cute, blonde, British staff member on their boat. Lowe and Faith fatefully run into each other and there is an instant attraction. Lowe decides she is going to try and have a vacation fling with her. 

Somewhere between dinners, coffees, and excursions, things become a bit more involved. 

What I liked about this book was that it was a very slow build-up but every encounter felt entertaining. Normally I don’t like a lot of description around activities that characters do in books. But I really enjoyed the excursions. It seemed like the author had either done these things before or did good research, because I felt like I was taking part in them. The dialogue was good and believable. 

But on that note, the dialogue was frustrating. This is very much based on miscommunication or the lack thereof. Faith is so hot and cold until the very end that I wondered how Lowe could put up with it. 

The POV kept changing without any type of indicator of who’s head we are in. It was confusing and took a bit of time to figure it out each time it switched.

I was also left wanting more. The book mentions several things that never get a story or are not resolved. So I wondered what was the point in mentioning some things if they weren’t going to pan out to be important. The end was satisfying but abrupt. There were major questions that were not answered. 

Overall, this was a good read. I’d recommend it for those who like will they/won’t they slow build romances.

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