Book Review: Sit. Stay. Love. by Karis Walsh

Puppy love!

Alana ‘fudges’ her resume to get hired on as an activity planner for a yet-to-be-opened hotel in Yakima. Now she is expected to hop on a horse and do trail rides with guests. Only problem is that she has never been on a horse before. 

Tegan is the local Yakima vet. She goes to the hotel to administer some shots to the horses and can sense something is off with Alana. 

The writing had just the right amount of description to set the scenes.. I felt as if I was on the ranch with them. 

The relationship between Alana and Tegan was sweet and grew naturally. The writer gave them valuable time and experiences together that made their connection believable. 

The end seemed a little bit rushed to me. But it was sweet nonetheless. 

I recommend this to those who want to read about romance, ranches, hospitality, horses, and puppies.

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