Book Review: Spinning Tales by Brey Willows

I want to preface this review saying that this type of story is not my normal preference. I liked the cover, title, and blurb enough to try something out of my reading comfort zone.

This book is about fairy tales, storybook characters, and magic. It is unique, however, in that it blends in the modern world as well. Think ‘Men in Black.’ But exchange space and aliens for fairy tales and characters.

Maggie is a young adult that is not particularly inspired with her life and job. She answers an ad in the paper offering unusual employment. And because she needs a change, she accepts. This starts a journey of self discovery, choosing family, and finding love. All the while, trying to save everyone from the villains who have gone rogue and infiltrated Manhattan. 

There were times when this was cute, amusing, and endearing. We are introduced to several supporting characters with unique personalities that added color to the story. Also a litany of one-off characters along the way that brought the world to life. I think the author truly shined with world and character building.

But listen. This book was extremely hard to get through. It was written well enough. The story and the characters were interesting. I don’t know if I can put my finger on why I had to take so many breaks and come back to it over and over again. I just have to chalk it up to that it isn’t my usual genre. There are plenty of other reviewers who adored this book. 

Perhaps it was the sum of little things for me. Kody was supposed to be this hot and promiscuous butch. But she often uses ridiculous fairy tale expressions that just come across as dorky and caused some character confusion for me. I felt the romance was on the light side and chemistry was lacking a bit. We were introduced to one of Maggie’s friends but then there is literally no reason for her as she doesn’t have anything to do with the rest of the book. Same with her older sister. There was just more emphasis on things that weren’t necessary. 

Truly, though. Take this review below face value. It just wasn’t my thing.

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