Book Review: Survived By Her Longtime Companion by Chris Paynter

This was an extremely touching book with a double dose of love story within its pages. 

Bailey and Chelsea start out in a broken relationship state. Travel and too much time away from each other has created a chasm that Chelsea feels is too much to overcome. They choose to end their 9 year relationship.

Eleven months later, both Bailey and Chelsea (unknowingly) are called upon to interview the longtime companion of Daphne DeMonet, a famous movie star who has recently passed away.

After meeting Eleanor, the woman who spent her life with Daphne, they embark on several weeks of meetings and diary readings to uncover the story of their love. And it calls into question decisions Bailey and Chelsea have made in their own lives.

It was sweet, turbulent, frustrating, sad, and hopeful. I went through all the emotions. Cried. All the signs of a really good book. 

This was released forever ago, I think. So thank goodness for goodreads that this showed up in my feed recently to give it a go.

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