Book Review: Taking Chances by Erin McKenzie

The first half of this book was very good. It even invoked a nice tear fest.

Val works in a library. Because of her experience as a foster kid, she decides that she would like to begin fostering children. During the weeks of training, she meets and becomes interested in the instructor, Paige. However, there is a conflict of interest because Paige ends up as the person overseeing Val’s case when she takes in two kids. I was intrigued by in the inner workings of the ‘system.’ And also became frustrated with the rules that are in place that can prevent the right thing happening for the children. 

The second half dragged on and left me a bit bored. It focused more on the relationship between Val and Paige. Surprisingly, this is the part that fell flat for me. Their chemistry shined in the first half when there were children and conflicts in the way. Once they became the entire focus, it lost some authenticity and felt rushed despite a time gap that bothered me. 

Overall, the story was just OK.

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