Book Review: The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang

I’m going to preface that I normally review lesbian fiction. This is not that. This is a heterosexual romance. 

The concept of this story was good. Who doesn’t love a good fall in love with a prostitute/escort story? 

Stella is a high functioning autistic woman who is completely inexperienced with dating, relationships, sex, etc. She hires a prostitute, Michael, to enlighten her so that she can attempt to date the man at her office that her mother wants her to get together with.

This was cute. I really liked the Stella character. I laughed a bunch of times at her awkward interactions with people. I felt like there was an authentic connection. 

But eeew to the het sex scenes. All of you straight gals will probably enjoy them. But I just had to cringe at every reference to his penis and growing excitement. BUT, I’m also really prudish about lesbian sex scenes too, so take this info for what it’s worth. Which is not much.

Sometimes I felt it was a bit over dramatic. Michael’s obsession over his dad’s past and how that would affect how people view him, was way too excessive. It felt contrived as a plot point. 

And Stella’s reluctance due to feeling pitied dragged on a bit. 

Overall, it was very good. 

A note about this audio book. I admittedly have a hard time with audio books. Michael’s voice was so creepy that I struggled a bit to think of them as being romantic together. And every adult woman sounded like a boastful animated character. It was a little weird. 

I recommend this to people who enjoy reading about romance, opposites attract, rags to riches, econometrics, escorts, fashion design, sex ed, and Vietnamese food.

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