Book Review: The Love Song Of Sawyer Bell by Avon Gale

Sawyer Bell deserves all the love songs.

Vix is the lead singer in an alt-rock/americana band. They are out a fiddle player and need to find a replacement. Sawyer is a Julliard level violinist who auditions for the spot. They embark on a tour which takes them through many cities, across thousands of miles, and many venues. 

The banter between Vix and Sawyer is what I loved the most about this book. These two main characters seemed to really like each other and have fun together. Whether it was late night driving or late night hotel activities, they just fit. 

There was a lot packed into this book. Fear of failure and disappointment. Coming to terms with sexuality. Bi phobia. Hookups vs. Relationships. Discovering purpose. Finding happiness. Being brave. Loyalty. Family. 

But overall, I SUPER loved Sawyer Bell. A glowup from high school but still shy and unsure. She blossoms throughout the book with the help of Vix and the band. I liked seeing her open up and become comfortable in her own skin. 

There was quite a bit of steamy explicit scenes. The playfulness between her and Vix was fun to read.

This book was released in 2017 but being re-released now. There is also mention of a second in the series. Although it looks like the focus is going to be on a bi-sexual male side character from this book. 

I recommend this book to people who love romance, music, bands, small venues, female lead singers, and feeldoes.

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