Book Review: The Night Off by Meghan O’Brien

I don’t know why I do this to myself. I pick these books that are high on the sexual activity spectrum even though I can barely get through scenes without blushing and having to skim read. 

What did I expect from this book that was published in 2012? A lot of explicit scenes. Because I did read this author’s most recent book ‘The Sex Therapist Next Door.’ But I got a lot more.

I literally cried hard. Ugly cry. The romance aspect of this book really kicked me in the gut. Oh the ANGST when done SO RIGHT hurts SO GOOD. How could this type of book get me so emotional?!

I liked these ladies. I liked who they were despite and maybe because OF their backgrounds. I liked their meeting and their chemistry. I liked their damage and baggage. And I liked their kinky passion. (IF ONLY).

So pretty much really loved this book. I wanted to give it a 4 because there was too much sex to embarrassingly get through. But how could I knock it off for that when it was on purpose and written so well? So to my complete surprise, this is a 5. But you all already have probably known that since the beginning of the decade.

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