Book Review: The Price Of Cash by Ashley Bartlett

So I thought the first book was just average until the last 85% of the book. I wasn’t sure if I would recommend it until I read the rest of the series. I have to say that this second installment was very good. I’m pretty sure it was because book one focused hard on character introduction and backgrounds. Book two is more about story and and relationships. 

Oh the relationship between Cash and Laurel is complex. How can something wrong feel so right? But I thought it was cold as ice that Cash was rubbing her ‘friendship’ with Kyra in Laurel’s face. I did feel a bit unsatisfied with that story arc. I wanted more confrontation over it from Laurel. Some kind of conversation to show Laurel how Cash really feels about things in that regard.

I really enjoy how Nate and Cash always play detective with their surveillance tech. 

I wish I had one iota of the snark/comedic ability of everyone in these books. Every single person can hold a sarcastic conversation. It is funny and all, but oddly depressing to me because I have zero ability for witty remarks. And reading everyone blessed with this ability seems SUPER unrealistic to me. But Ashley Bartlett must be a really fun friend to hang with if she is on like this all of the time.

Anyhow, I liked this one a lot. 

I recommend to people who like reading about forbidden romance, undercover operations, questioning morality, philosophical musings of wrong vs. right, being let down by family, drug dealing, stakeouts, and grapes.

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