Book Review: The Roommate Arrangement by Jae

Release Date: Oct 2019
Publisher: YLVA Publishing

A humble romance with flawed yet likable characters.

Steph is a comedian who is tired of being on the road. She is losing faith in her career choice as she was meant to make it before the age of 30. She enjoys casual flings and does not desire commitment. Rae works security at a club because she was forced out of her job as a police officer. They enter into a roommate arrangement. The arrangement being a fake relationship because the landlords will only rent out to couples.

It took awhile for me to get into this one. Because of the issues these women were dealing with, it takes a lot of time to unpack it all and put them on the path toward healing and growth. In the beginning, Rae was so broody, I wondered how the two of them would ever get to appreciate each other in any way. I enjoyed how they naturally helped each other and their relationship grew organically regardless of their internal protests.

I’m a hard core romance fan. I generally get bored and/or apathetic with alternate story lines or side characters. I think this is the first time I ever cried in a book during a non romantic situation. Rae’s struggle was heartbreaking. Also, Rae had a very original ailment. I was completely into her story.

Funny that two recent releases have comedian main characters. I feel like this one showcased the profession better. Also, the partial stand-up routines contained in this felt like genuine content. I thought most of it was really funny and could imagine sitting in the club listening to Steph.

I had no idea that this was a follow-up to ‘Just for Show.’ I had not read that prior to this, and don’t think it mattered at all.

Overall, this was a solid slow burn love story with real characters and genuine growth.

I recommend this to those who enjoy reading about romance, comedy, police, dog walking, depth, and taking advantage of free samples to taste all the ice cream.

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