Book Review: The Words Shimmer by Jenn Matthews

Matthew’s first book “Hooked on You” inspired me to learn to crochet. This one, unfortunately, did not cause the same type of excitement for gardening. 

I really appreciate Matthew’s writing style. I like to think of it as a slow meandering cadence. Perfect for when you just want to get lost in a well written and easy read. 

Mel is a 40 something paramedic who meets a teacher, Ruby, at uni. They have a rough first encounter, but end up becoming friends. Mel offers to help Ruby with a gardening class/charity gig at the school. Their growing feelings become a conflict as it is a teacher/student scenario.

There was a lot of gardening. Garden planning, garden setup, garden teaching, etc. I felt like there was a bit too much detail here that could have been cleaned up a bit. 

The only drama that existed in the book was kind of unbelievable to me. I don’t want to give away anything by saying what happened. But I had felt that Mel’s reaction didn’t make sense at all. And it was bit over dramatic. Then things resolved fairly quickly. 

Overall, this was a decent read.

I recommend to those who enjoy reading slow building relationships, teacher/student conflict (same age range, though), dealing with internalized homophobia, dyslexia, gardening, and Brit speak.

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