Book Review: The X Ingredient by Robyn Sinclair

X marks the g spot.

I went into this knowing from other reviews that this was more of an erotic romance. I suppose I should have realized that as the cover has a nice looking pair of legs with some panties on the floor. I’m just not that observant. Glad I read some reviews before hand so that I could be prepared.

Laurie is beautiful young upstart who is looking for a full time assistant job because things haven’t been going well for her the past couple of years. Diana is a hot shot lawyer that has built her own practice and in search of a new assistant. She is an ice queen and Laurie will eventually melt her, of course.

I watched Devil Wear’s Prada one time and have forgotten it. I have never read any DWP fan fiction. So I think that I came to this story with little expectation and nothing to compare. I think that may have been a good thing as my experience reading this was much better than a lot of the reviews I’ve seen so far.

There is just something enticing about a forbidden relationship. Although, I really should say that this was an ‘arrangement’ made between the two of them. I was really into all of the clandestine encounters. The element of only one of them being in control was fresh and exciting. And when feelings eventually start to threaten the rules, it was carefully and believably addressed.

The only thing I wasn’t comfortable with was some of the raunchy thoughts/dialogue. Specifically repetitive references to ‘eating her out.’ Just gives me the heebie jeebies for some reason. Could have done without that.

Oh, and like any lesbian book out these days, this was age-gap. Thankfully there wasn’t really much attention paid to that.

This was a steamy and erotic romance that kept me engaged. I didn’t want to stop reading. And I mostly didn’t. Started and finished this entirely in one day.

I recommend to those who enjoy reading about erotica, romance, age-gap, emergency buttons in elevators, and remote pleasuring.

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