Book Review: Ticket To Love by Donna Jay


This ended up being OK after a rough start.

I did read reviews that mentioned light BDSM. So I thought maybe a scene or two for fun. But no. This is a huge part of the main character, Tara. 

I don’t get it so I can’t relate. And it’s hard to stay interested when you just can’t connect. I don’t know anything about BDSM really. But I did wonder how realistic an 18 year old would already be a Dom and playing with someone in her mom’s house while said mom is out playing bingo for a couple of hours. 

So she gets sent off to her Aunty in New Zealand. And after a few years, the house is getting cramped so her Aunty arranges to have her boss, Katherine take her in. 

So there is an age gap. And while that wasn’t an issue, I couldn’t stop thinking ok Katherine as a parental figure. She would refer to Tara as a young lady. And even later would call her a sweet girl. 

But I pressed on, because this is a 4+ star book, so I had to be missing something. 

As soon as Tara started sleep walking, things started to turn around. 

The relationship that develops is sweet. Has depth. And there are enough things (family conflicts, friendships, and past relationships) that keep the story moving forward.

But overall, it wasn’t that unique for me. It was another age gap romance where one was struggling with family acceptance of her sexuality and the other is trying to move on from a past relationship.

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