Book Review: Under The Harvest Moon by Robin Hale

Publish Date: June 21, 2019
Publisher: Self Published

I was really excited to read this because this author’s book ‘Silhouette’ is one of my favorites.

‘Under the Harvest Moon’ is an interesting journey into the magical world of star borns (witches, shape shifters, vampires, etc.)

Laurel is a Nebraska girl (GO BIG RED) that has never felt like she belonged. She throws a dart on a map and ends up trying to find a community in Cincinnati, OH. She seems to be drawn to people there, and begins to discover parts of herself she didn’t know existed.

This was a good book about finding your people and place in the world. I liked Laurel. She was no-nonsense. She had a goal and nobody was going to stop her. Despite the other worldly things causing concern. She was a flawed character, too. A bit clumsy and definitely bad at timing when announcing her presence to others.

She was instantly enamored with Rhea, a hot butch gardener/witch on probation. In a normal romance, I would have been screaming at Laurel to run away from Rhea because she was aloof, and aggressive, and rude. You could see her baggage from a mile away. But when you throw in the mystical idea of ‘soul mates’ then all bets are off and you can’t be critical of unreasonable attraction and crushes.

Hale did a good job of describing magic. Especially bringing to life the Harvest Moon festival. That was a special moment of half bondage. (No, no. Not that kind of bondage. Get your head out of the gutter.) There were some dream sequences that were confusing and didn’t quite come together for me like I think they were intended to.

Overall, I liked this. It lacked the special quality ‘Silhouette’ had. But maybe it is just that this genre isn’t something I’m normally into. Regardless, it was for sure worth reading for a different kind of lesbian romance.

I recommend this to those who like to read about romance, finding oneself, hot butch women, new age book shops, witches, werewolves, vampires, soul mates, magic, and creepy dreams.

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