Book Review: Waiting For You by Elle Spencer

Release Date: May 12, 2020
Publisher: Bold Strokes Books

Living in the past.

Lindsay is a recently divorced artist and mother. She sells her work through a gallery her best friend, Patty, owns and operates in town. They have lived in their small town their whole lives. And that whole time, Lindsay has been thinking of a woman she knows she was in love with before her time as well as repeatedly panting the same small boy.

Ren rolls into town to stay with a long-time friend before heading overseas for a new job. She is drawn to a painting in a local art gallery. Later, she is drawn to the artist. Then, Lindsay draws Ren.

This was an ambitious story to tell. A woman who believes she was in love with a woman in a previous life only to be confronted with someone who she just feels and knows is that love of her (past)life. It was really interesting experiencing everything unfold. From the two meeting, Lindsay’s reaction, and gently navigating an acquaintance without seeming like a complete crazy-person.

I love Spencer’s books. They are all written so well, with great dialogue, and a good amount of drama to give me throat lumps and blurry eyes. While I really liked this one, it didn’t feel like books that she has written in the past. Given the story line, I figured it would be rampant with angst. It was there, don’t get me wrong. It just wasn’t the telenovela level I’ve grown to enjoy. This seemed more calculated, mature, and tame.

I liked the relationships she had with her best friend and her daughter. The friend that Ren comes to see felt a little bit made-up for plot purposes and I was a bit bored whenever there were scenes with her. And her character didn’t come through for me very well. My imagination kept switching from same-age friend of Ren to older aged friend of Ren.

Overall I did enjoy this story for the unique concept in a sea of pure romance lesbian books.

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