Book Review: Year Of The Kiss by Giselle Fox

Kissy Cake

This was an adorable, New Years themed, short story. Even though the length was small, it still had the feel of a full length book. The characters had suprising depth. And it was packed full of things. Kilts, family, whiskey, unemployment, workplace harassment, art, cars, brain nerds, cakes, exes, infidelity, higher education, bathrooms, hotels, fondue…

The premise was super cute. I really enjoyed this light read. It wasn’t what I expected. I liked that while there was instant chemistry between the mains, they had to work to find each other. I don’t know if that successfully replaced a ‘getting to know you’ phase. It felt a little abrupt once things were on track. But probably to be expected with a novella and it was still kind of believable if you are a hopeless romantic dreamer. 

There was so much talk about tea. And even mention of a tea room at work? As nitpicking as it sounds, it distracted me from the story a tiny bit. I really do not like tea. 

And I have to mention that the story fell victim to my number 1 pet peeve. Asking someone to be thier girlfriend. Thankfully there was a bit of banter that followed which softened the blow. But I would prefer to never see the words on page/screen. 

Anyhow, read this for a quick, light, cute read. It is unique enough to make it worth it.

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