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Category Archives: 4 Star

Book Review: Northern Lights by Lise Gold

Sweet This was a short and light read. Really no angst. Just the story of a group of people staying in a hotel for Christmas vacation to get a glimpse of the Northern Lights. All are coupled up except for a London restaurateur and a

Book Review: Media Darling by Fiona Riley

Happy Place Reading this was a happy place for me.  A reporter is assigned to tell the real story behind an actress after someone attempts a smear campaign.  The characters were well developed. I really liked them all. The relationship blossomed with authenticity. I sincerely

Book Review: One Day You’ll Leave Me by Debra Flores

Changing course Karen is suddenly drawn to a deceased singer from the past. Obsessed, really. She doesn’t understand why. She gets an unusual opportunity to find out. I absolutely loved the concept. Apart from the first person POV (which was necessary for this story) and

Book Review: Coast Guard Rescue One by Natalie Debrabandere

Good action sequences A woman leaves behind her life in NYC by moving to Australia for a better existence. She runs into a local coast guard helicopter pilot whom she immediately dislikes. They continue to cross paths. This was a good story. There were a

Book Review: Separate Like Stars by Diana Kane

Emotional This story spans a lifetime and at times, the pace felt like that too. This is a long one. But necessary for the length of time it covers. Starts sweet as two girls navigate feelings in high school. Quickly gets very angsty. So read

Book Review: The Way Home by Lily Hammond

More than a love story A doctor relocates to a small town to take over a clinic who’s previous Dr has gone off to war. She meets an outcast woman who has some things to hide. There was a lot more to this story than

Book Review: Sunscreen & Coconuts by Eliza Lentzski

Mercy Lewis, a 1st grade teacher, is convinced to take a vacation with her friend, Racy. She has some trouble letting herself go until she meets a local woman that scooters her outside the comforts of an all-inclusive resort. Overall, it was well written and