Book Review: Falling by Kris Bryant

A romance with a unique inception. 

Shaylie, a real estate professional, survives a plane crash. She ends up meeting Piper, a yoga instructor, at an airline communication conference trying to get info about root cause. Piper is a relative of a couple of people who did not survive the crash. Shaylie ends up developing feelings for Piper and feels guilty because of the circumstances. 

I’m a fan of Kris Bryant. She writes well and I loved ‘Listen’ And ‘Breakthrough.’ Unfortunately, this one was just OK. It is a solid romance and worth reading, but you won’t be blown away.

The book suffered with pacing. Started off with a bang and slowed down significantly from there. Then things got resolved at breakneck speed toward the end.

I really liked the concept and idea but it just never met my expectations. I wanted more from all of the different situations Bryant presented to us. I wanted friends on the camping trip to take notice and take issue. I wanted the best friend to do something instead of just constantly warning Shaylie. I wanted Shaylie to hold Piper accountable for a bit. 

In other words: I didn’t think there was enough drama. There are a LOT of readers out there that will be appreciative of that. So take this for what it is: My opinion only.

There were a few things that I didn’t care for. There was an excessive amount of winking. At one point Piper was described having braided hair but in the next minute she is described with her hair messily up in a bun. I never understood why Shaylie thought so highly of Jason as her hero. The guy carried her out. If he hadn’t, the rescue people would have. It wasn’t like she was in the fiery inferno of the main cabin and had to be dragged away to safety. 

What I did like was the realism of giddiness with the initial texting between Shaylie and Piper. My relationship started with fun and flirtatious texting so it was something I could relate to and feel right along with Shaylie. 

There were some intimate scenes that definitely made me blush. 

I recommend this to people who love romance, catastrophe, giddy texting, friendship, Denver, Wyoming, and yoga.

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