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Book Review: Home by Kris Bryant

Natalie is the Sheriff in a small Oregon town that she grew up in. She is surprised when she runs into her first kiss crush, Sarah, who has returned to town after the dissolution of her marriage. Bryant mentions that this started as a novella

Book Review: Lucky by Kris Bryant

Serena has had a rough life. She had to practically raise her little sister, Faith, because her mother was busy being an alcoholic. A spur of the moment decision to buy a lottery ticket and her luck changes instantly. As the newest lottery winner in

2019 Books: Lesbian Fiction Year In Review

According to goodreads, I read about 200 books this year. I thoroughly enjoyed most of them. There were some good surprises and a few disappointments. Overall, I’m just so pleased with how many high quality lesbian fiction books are being published these days. Having said

Book Review: Temptation by Kris Bryant

This book has a great first line. I was hooked from the start. Cassie decided to go against her parent’s wishes and drop out of medical school. They decided to cut her off. In need of money to fund her graduate studies, she takes on

Book Review: Tinsel by Kris Bryant

Dystopian Inspired Cat. This Christmas novella begins with Jess ending a 6-month relationship with a cheating girlfriend. She is distracted by a stray cat outside her window who later happens to find its way to her doorstep. She takes it in, determined to provide it

Book Review: Falling by Kris Bryant

A romance with a unique inception.  Shaylie, a real estate professional, survives a plane crash. She ends up meeting Piper, a yoga instructor, at an airline communication conference trying to get info about root cause. Piper is a relative of a couple of people who

Book Review: Listen by Kris Bryant

‘Listen’ is a gratifying romance that hits the right notes.  Lily is a former child prodigy that has lived a life of anonymity since a breakdown ended her music career. She is working in finance and risk management. Only she didn’t forecast the critical impact