2019 Books: Lesbian Fiction Year In Review

According to goodreads, I read about 200 books this year. I thoroughly enjoyed most of them. There were some good surprises and a few disappointments. Overall, I’m just so pleased with how many high quality lesbian fiction books are being published these days.

Having said that, I feel as if I am being more picky with my ratings and reviews as a result of getting spoiled with all this content.

I have never created an end of year list like this before. I love reading the best-of lists from other readers as it helps me find excellent books that I may have otherwise overlooked. So I decided to play along in case I might be able to help someone else find that special read.

Best Overall: Alone by E.J. Noyes

This should be in most everyone’s top spot this year. It was in a league of it’s own. Period.

My Favorite: Girls Who Pray by Evelyn Dar

I liked this book so much that I read it again the very next day. Modern Amish oppression.

Biggest Surprise: Coming Home by K.J.

This kept being reviewed favorably by trusted goodreads friends so I gave it a shot. So glad I did and I think you should, too.

Most Enlightening: In The Silences – Rachel Gold

This really made me stop and think outside of my white privileged world. So many eye opening things that I had never considered.

Best Debut: Always a Love Song by Charley Clarke

Second chance. Musicians. Angst. A winning combination.

Best From A Series: Not The Marrying Kind by Jae

Sequel to ‘Perfect Rhythm.’ You don’t need to read that one first. This has a really adorable baking scene.

Best Romance: Beautiful Dreamer by Melissa Brayden

This should also perhaps win ‘Best Dialogue’ award. I loved the conversations in this one.

Best Religious Guilt: The Secret Chord – Virginia Hale

This is a made up category only because I wanted to fit this book in someplace. It is better than an honorable mention. Heavy and delicious.

Best Holiday: Tinsel by Kris Bryant

A cat named ‘Katness Evergreen.’ Need I say more?

Best Other World: Changing Course by Brey Willows

I’m not a huge sci-fi/fantasy fan. Often times, I can’t suspend my belief to enjoy the stories. This one had me feeling embedded in the world. Also got a Star Wars vibe.

Best Fantasy: The Grim Assistant by Jodi Hutchins

Another category this could go under is ‘Should Be A Movie.’ This first book in the series was perfectly paced and intriguing. Great characters.Pick up book 2 because it is good, too.

Best Medical: Breathe by Cari Hunter

You can either read this for a crash course on British slang or because it is phenomenal. Both are good enough reasons. Super intense at times.

Best Futuristic: Across The Dark Horizon by Tagan Shepard

Another sci-fi story that was written well enough to make me believe it could be possible. Very exciting premise where they are literally fighting against the clock for survival.

Best Novella: In The Palm by Elna Holst

Best first line. Most amusing. You name it. I just super enjoyed reading this short read about a woman stranded on an island.

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