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Book Review: Lucas by Elna Holst in a new tab) This one took a bit to get into. It is a story told in all letters. Correspondence between a woman and her ‘friend’ whom she never actually sends the letters to. She just uses the writing as sort of like

2019 Books: Lesbian Fiction Year In Review

According to goodreads, I read about 200 books this year. I thoroughly enjoyed most of them. There were some good surprises and a few disappointments. Overall, I’m just so pleased with how many high quality lesbian fiction books are being published these days. Having said

Book Review: In the Palm by Elna Holst

Castaway with a companion and better ending. You know it promises to be a good book when the first sentence is “I AM DRUNK and about to chop my hand off.” A woman has awoken on an island but has no memory of what happened