Book Review: Lucas by Elna Holst in a new tab)

Published Date: April 13, 2020
Publisher: NineStar Press

This one took a bit to get into. It is a story told in all letters. Correspondence between a woman and her ‘friend’ whom she never actually sends the letters to. She just uses the writing as sort of like a journal, I guess.

The sentence structure and words were also hard to follow. I’m sure the author did a great job of making it match the era, but I felt like I do when I watch movies or shows with British accents. I need subtitles because I can’t understand them.

It was a bit depressing, to be honest. Such an oppressive weight. To not be able to be who you are. Marry and be a little woman. Obedient wife. Bad things constantly happening. Ailments. Loss. At times, this didn’t feel very hopeful.

But overall, it had that kind of epic feel.

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