Book Review: Listen by Kris Bryant

‘Listen’ is a gratifying romance that hits the right notes. 

Lily is a former child prodigy that has lived a life of anonymity since a breakdown ended her music career. She is working in finance and risk management. Only she didn’t forecast the critical impact of hearing a beautiful melody drifting out of a window one fateful afternoon. There is no backup plan for the woman behind that piano. There is only Hope. And Hope is a beautiful woman in charge of the ‘Leading Note.’ An organization geared toward helping children learn instruments now that music programs are being cut out of schools

This story is about Lily’s attempts to overcome her social anxiety once she has found a reason to be better.

I liked the sweet atmosphere that was present throughout the book. Hope was a sincerely good person that always knew exactly what to say and do to help Lily be comfortable and grow. 

There was very little angst, save for the obligatory 80% mark of conflict you would expect in any romance novel. It didn’t seem contrived. I really enjoyed how it came about and thought it was a unique and satisfying reveal. 

This was very slow developing. About halfway through I thought it was dragging just a little bit. But I liked these characters and wanted to know how things would progress enough to continue on. The sex scenes were pretty steamy, No complaint there. However, I did feel like once it started, it just kept going. There were a few too many, in my opinion. I always have to mention I am prudish when it comes to this kind of thing, so take my opinion with a grain of salt. If it is your thing, you’ll be pleased.

Overall, I enjoyed this very much and would recommend it. If you love romance, music, cats, and stories of breaking through and overcoming obstacles, then this is for you.

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