Book Review: Temptation by Kris Bryant

Release Date: Jan 1, 2020
Publisher: Bold Strokes Books

This book has a great first line. I was hooked from the start.

Cassie decided to go against her parent’s wishes and drop out of medical school. They decided to cut her off. In need of money to fund her graduate studies, she takes on work watching children. Brooke runs her affluent family’s business while her CEO father makes deals hobnobbing on the green. She is in need of a full time nanny for her son.

I really liked both of these characters. Cassie had a lot of chutzpah, likely inherited from her firecracker grandma. She knew that she didn’t want to follow in her parent’s medical footsteps and decided to pave her own way despite having to give up their support. Although she was raised with money and privileged, she wasn’t above going out and doing the work to achieve her personal goals. Brooke is somewhat of an ice queen but shows glimpses of a softer side when she interacts with her son.

This is an age gap romance, which I am honestly tired of reading. I feel like it must be a lesbian romance mandate for publishing these days. And in the grand scheme of things, I don’t think that it enhanced the story in any way as it wasn’t a huge conflict. Sure, it was mentioned and there were concerns in there, but nothing truly dramatic enough to make the gap a necessity. Having said all of that, the fact that it wasn’t made a big deal was a huge positive and made it so it didn’t bother me so much.

There was so much to like about this story, though. The interactions. The tension. The jealousy. I liked how Cassie falls for Brooke’s son before she ever falls for Brooke. I love a good forbidden love story. And what is more forbidden than wanting to gain intimate acquaintance of your much younger employee? There was a surprising amount of emotion. Bryant mentioned in her acknowledgement that she was looking to write a flirty novel. I wouldn’t categorize this book as that. It was deep, sweet, and felt very real. It even made me cry.

There was quite a bit of steamy sex once things got going. I expected it, so it was OK. I mean… I did read the title and see the cover, after all.

Overall, this was a fun story about two women that can’t find a way to deny their mutual attraction, and have an even harder time of denying their growing feelings for one another.

I recommend this to those who like to read about romance, rich-ice-queen-single-mothers, struggling college students who attract everyone, childcare, private schools, estranged family, ski resorts, and video games.

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