Book Review: Full English by Rachel Spangler

The author used the word ‘Maudlin’ a few times within this book and I’d have to say that is the key descriptor. Don’t get me wrong, this was a great book. I loved it. But wow it was frustrating to read at times. Both main characters were quite self deprecating and full of self doubt. I suppose that makes the growth of the characters that much more satisfying. But there were so many times I wanted to rip them through my e-reader to shake them out of their stupor.

Emma, the rich and famous author, moves overseas to run away from a divorce that essentially destroyed her self esteem and self worth. She meets Brogan (Why all lesbian fiction books have to give characters off-the-wall names is beyond me). I couldn’t help thinking that people would call her ‘Bro’ for short (Never happened in this book, though). Anyway… Brogan is a jack of all trades but never focused anywhere particular but enjoys the no strings-attached flings she has with tourists that roll into town. Oh, but Emma is different. Special. 

What I really enjoyed about this one was the convincing relationship development. There are a lot of books where it is instant romance, lust at first sight, or the ‘I love yous’ come at break-neck speed. Not so with this one. These two just happen to find each other and experience things together. Truly talk and take time to grow and care for one another. They support and help each other heal.

Aside from the obvious conflict of neither of them thinking they are good enough for one another, there is also a Lady Victoria who comes into the picture to woo Emma. Drama Rama. Which I love, of course.

The only thing keeping this from a 5 star for me was that sometimes the characters were overly morose and oddly the dialogue seemed weird a few times. Not because of the British vs. American thing that the author put in a large disclaimer for in the beginning.

But if you are into sweet and authentic romances, this one is for you. So long as you also like a side of melancholy.

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