Book Review: Gillette Park by Gerri Hill

Release Date: March 12, 2020
Publisher: Bella Books

Stellar book!

I haven’t read a ton of Gerri Hill books, but this is the best one that I have read.

Mason is a deputy in a small mountain town in Colorado, Gillette Park. The town has a 20+ history of 3-5 children per year going missing and then later showing up dead. Her uncle is the Sheriff. She convinces him, as a last ditch effort, to hire a psychic to help solve this long time mystery that continues to plague it’s residents.

Grace has been burdened with psychic gifts. She has lived a mostly solitary life because nobody can understand her abilities. She is called to Gillette to help find the serial killer that has evaded detection for over two decades.

First of all, I never wanted to stop reading this. It was written so well that there was some new event or clue that would keep me intrigued and consuming. Second, I loved the main characters. Both Mason and Grace were realistic characters with fractured pasts. Their histories play a part in who they are and grow to become throughout the book. Third, it had a supernatural spin that felt believable to me because of the story behind it.

I’m not sure why I decided to number things in that previous paragraph. I suppose it is my attempt at carefully organizing thoughts to match the carefully crafted sequence of events that made up this story.

The abductions and deaths were creepy and sometimes difficult to read about. But that is to be expected in a book about a serial killer. I had a lot of different emotions while reading this. I was intrigued and tried to solve the crimes along with Mason and Grace. Disturbed and sad as details of the abductions were revealed. Giddy for them to develop an attraction and slowly witness them develop feelings for one another. Spooked out by several encounters they have with things outside their current realm. And scared for the climatic ending that you know we were building toward.

I could have read this book forever.

I recommend this to people who like to read slow burn romance, crime solving, mystery, suspense, supernatural, psychics, small towns, nature, and birds.

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