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Lesbian Fiction Best of 2020

2020 has been a weird year. The Pandemic negatively impacted my reading and reviewing with a general lack of concentration. I just couldn’t get into the books I was reading for awhile. Once I did, I found I was more critical than usual. So apologies

Book Review: Gillette Park by Gerri Hill

Stellar book! I haven’t read a ton of Gerri Hill books, but this is the best one that I have read. Mason is a deputy in a small mountain town in Colorado, Gillette Park. The town has a 20+ history of 3-5 children per year

Book Review: After The Summer Rain by Gerri Hill

Erin is a workaholic. She is practically killing herself after throwing herself into her work to avoid the aftermath of a bad breakup. Her family creates and ‘intervention’ and sends her to cleanse her soul for 3 months. The place her sister booked is a

Book Review: Weeping Walls by Gerri Hill

This is the sequel to ‘Keepers of the Cave.’  We get to spend time with Paige and CJ again. In this installment, they have a new case to investigate while trying to hide their growing relationship from their FBI comrades. 

Book Review: Keepers of The Cave by Gerri Hill

This audio book was OK with the exception of CJ’s voice. She sounded like a 70 year old 2 pack a day smoker. Alternatively, Paige’s voice sounded sexy as hell to me. Oh…and Ice’s voice was strange. The performance of the book was great. All