Book Review: Keepers of The Cave by Gerri Hill

This audio book was OK with the exception of CJ’s voice. She sounded like a 70 year old 2 pack a day smoker. Alternatively, Paige’s voice sounded sexy as hell to me. Oh…and Ice’s voice was strange. The performance of the book was great. All the right emotions and inflections. 

I didn’t even read the description prior to listening. So imagine my surprise when crazy sinister and other-worldy things start to happen. I’m like WHAT AM I LISTENING TO?! It was a nice change of pace from standard romance I usually gravitate toward. 

The two main characters are FBI agents sent to a strange town to investigate disappearance of several women. They have to fake a relationship to fit in. Then everything gets CRAY!

There were some baffling things. Like the fact that the FBI agents didn’t really do any FBI-ing. They were too busy trying to deny their attraction to one another. The side characters weren’t really fleshed out and didn’t provide much to the story. And I’m confused how Fiona could ‘see’ CJ’s past and her feelings for Paige yet was surprised to learn they were FBI agents. We didn’t even find out how/why Fiona was able to ‘see’ it. Also, NO idea what happened to the cave dweller. Perhaps there future books that explain some of this?

Despite all of that, the creepy town, mother Hogan, brainwashed people, couplings, kidnappings, sacrifice, etc. were things that kept me interested for sure. It was really disturbing, though. There were themes of incest, sexual abuse, physical abuse, suicide, cannibalism, monster/bestiality?

I recommend this to people who like to read really creepy and disturbing things.

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