Book Review: Weeping Walls by Gerri Hill

This is the sequel to ‘Keepers of the Cave.’ 

We get to spend time with Paige and CJ again. In this installment, they have a new case to investigate while trying to hide their growing relationship from their FBI comrades. 

I liked this book better than the first. Although the first one was way crazy and worth it just for how strange and disturbing it was. But this one had a better flow and to be honest, it is much easier for me to believe in paranormal activity than monsters. 

I grew to love Paige and CJ so much more. They are fun couple. Cute banter, always flirty, and definitely into each other (literally). 

I recommend this to people who like hidden romance, cold cases, hot lesbian FBI agents, ghosts, haunted houses, and creepy dead kids.

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