Book Review: Good Spin by Monica McCallan

A breezy fake romance. 

Emery has a problem. She has to attend a wedding where all of her college buddies will be together for the first time in 5 years. She convinces her hot friend, Jordan, to accompany her to Hawaii and pretend that they are dating so that she can essentially come out by ripping the band-aid off rather than having to have individual conversations with all of them.

This was a very slow burn romance. The two of them dutifully met with friends as a faux couple in a plethora of different settings. The moments spent alone were filled with light touches, close proximity, and a lot of internal monologues about how they shouldn’t be feeling this way and that they are just confused because of the fake girlfriend situation.

I definitely liked how tactile they were with each other. It was sweet how they would be automatically be drawn to each other and fought so hard against it.

At first I thought that the reasoning for needing a pretend girlfriend was weak. I was able to get beyond that and enjoy the book. But I later found out that all was not as entirely seems and it made more sense.

And that led to the 80% mark angst. No complaints from me as I love that! But just calling it out for those who don’t.

McCallan writes in a unique way. I can’t really pin it down. It isn’t overly descriptive per say, but there will be a piece of dialogue that requires some kind of answer. Then there will be a tangent of writing before the answering dialogue appears. And I will have forgotten what the preceding sentence/question was and have to go back. 

Overall this was a quick and easy read with one of my favorite tropes. 

I recommend this to people who like fake romance, real romance, Hawaii, beaches, weddings, purple hair, and rompers.

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