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Lesbian Fiction Best of 2020

2020 has been a weird year. The Pandemic negatively impacted my reading and reviewing with a general lack of concentration. I just couldn’t get into the books I was reading for awhile. Once I did, I found I was more critical than usual. So apologies

Book Review: Then & Now by Monica McCallan

Instant favorite. I am a big fan of Monica McCallan. Her characters are always hot and likable, with better than average dialogue, and a small dose of angst for a good payoff. But this was so much more than that. McCallan tells an affecting story

Book Review: Perspective by Monica McCallan

McCallan is reliable. You know what you can expect from her books. Great snarky dialogue and mega attractive leads. There is no doubt about her ability to deliver on those things. Here is an awesome example of the type of great dialogue McCallan offers: ‘Sloan

Book Review: Good Spin by Monica McCallan

A breezy fake romance.  Emery has a problem. She has to attend a wedding where all of her college buddies will be together for the first time in 5 years. She convinces her hot friend, Jordan, to accompany her to Hawaii and pretend that they

Book Review: Charm City by Monica McCallan

‘Charm City’ is a quirky Valentine’s romance with heart. Carson is manager of a bar that is not doing well financially. The owner enlists the support of an event planner, Taylor, to hold a series of Valentine’s related events to help drum up more business. 

Book Review: Sweat Equity by Monica McCallan

Another good one from McCallan I love, Love, LOVE stories where the main characters don’t get a long in the beginning. The author was able to successfully illustrate concurrent tension, conflict, and attraction.