Book Review: Perspective by Monica McCallan

McCallan is reliable. You know what you can expect from her books. Great snarky dialogue and mega attractive leads. There is no doubt about her ability to deliver on those things.

Here is an awesome example of the type of great dialogue McCallan offers:

‘Sloan made quick work of Campbell’s pants, leaving her in nothing but an open shirt and what Sloane now realized was a matching lingerie set. “Planned on getting lucky tonight?” Sloan asked as she hungrily raked her eyes across Campbell’s body.

Campbell gave her an infuriatingly sexy stare. “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.’

Campbell is an author who’s book is being made into a movie. As fate would have it, the lead actress who signed on happens to be an influential person from Campbell’s past. We discover how they know each other and the impacts of that.

I enjoyed their interactions. I liked how they developed feelings for one another based on real conversations about deep things in their lives. It did not fall prey to a too-quick hookup or too-soon ‘I love yous.’ It had a decent amount of angst to fulfill my needs.

So why just the three stars? A few things. In every book, McCallan puts a lot of action or exposition between bits of dialogue to the point of forgetting what a person is responding to. So you have to go back and re-read to follow the conversation at times. It wasn’t AS notable in this as in others. But still present. I was a beta reader for this but wasn’t able to finish because life got in the way. I don’t remember there being formatting issues. Perhaps it is the booksprout copy I got, but paragraphs ran together in odd places making it difficult to read. The ultimate reason for the rating is because the whole catalyst for the book felt contrived and unbelievable to me. It wasn’t so bad to not enjoy the story. It just made me feel less connected to the characters and outcome.

I love to read McCallan books. I’ll read them all. She is one of the best self published authors out there. Come for the fun banter between characters. Stay for the hot leads and their sizzling chemistry.

I recommend this to those who like to read romance between women, celebrity romance, writer’s block, New Orleans, getting a dog to overcome heartache, enthusiastic sisters, and friends who good intentionally intervene.

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