Book Review: Charm City by Monica McCallan

‘Charm City’ is a quirky Valentine’s romance with heart.

Carson is manager of a bar that is not doing well financially. The owner enlists the support of an event planner, Taylor, to hold a series of Valentine’s related events to help drum up more business. 

Taylor has had some issues with her event planning business in the recent past and her reputation is on the line so these event need to work out. But the prickly bar manager who despises the holiday might stand in her way.

I liked the chemistry between the two main characters despite their contentious exchanges. And I appreciated the backstories that provided depth and heart to the characters. 

Carson was a little too icy for my liking but she gradually thaws over time. There was a resolution that was a bit far fetched. But I could suspend belief for what felt like a cutsie rom-com. 

There was a little bit of angst to get your heart involved toward the end. But not much.

This story was in between novella and novel length.

I recommend this to hopeless romantics, people who like enemies to lovers trope, bars, and cocktails.

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