Book Review: Sweat Equity by Monica McCallan

Another good one from McCallan

I love, Love, LOVE stories where the main characters don’t get a long in the beginning. The author was able to successfully illustrate concurrent tension, conflict, and attraction. 

Avery is a mess. So broken and forlorn because her relationship ended. It has really done a number on her self esteem. She is a co-founder and programmer for a startup in San Francisco. Her friends, Brennan and Carter, are the other founders working on a dating app for Lesbians. 

Brennan’s long time friend, Charlie, decides to make a life change and ends up moving in with Avery. 

Avery isn’t a ray of sunshine to live with and Charlie can’t stand her hot and cold interactions. 

I had a lot of fun reading this one. McCallan has a way of writing snarky and sarcastic. The dialogue is always realistic. Each character has distinctive personalities. 

Lots of angst. I love angst. But I did feel like there was one instance too much of angst. And there were some editing issues. And since both leads were brunette, it was difficult to understand which one she was referencing (Although I only felt that confusion in the last chapter or two.)

Overall, I enjoyed this a lot. The quality of storyline and writing is what you would expect from a commercially published author. 

This is advertised as the first book in a series. It ended without any type of cliffhanger. I still can’t wait for the next.

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