Book Review: Love All by Rachel Spangler

Intense moments

Full of angst. Couldn’t get enough of it.

Sadie is a 30 something single mother of a 17 year old daughter, Destiny, who had just become a professional tennis player.

Jay is a 30 something professional tennis player who is trying to make a comeback after she was involved with a scandalous situation while playing when she was younger.

Hank, the coach, attempts to pair the two for a doubles team. Thinking they can both learn from each other to improve thier singles game. 

Destiny has heard ALL about Jay’s past and wants her to stay far away from her mom. 

But Sadie is a headstrong, black, single mother who makes her own decisions.

A bunch of tears. Lump in throat. You know…

There was an awesome scene during a doubles match that was super intense. Then a very awkward dinner. Plenty of dramatic moment between the main characters. 

Only giving a 4 star because I was pretty annoyed with Jay’s press conference antics in the beginning. And also because I felt like the opposite main character should have initiated final redemption/resolution. 

But this was entertaining. I didn’t want to stop reading. And it did give me the feels plenty of times.

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