Book Review: One Walk In Winter by Georgia Beers

Release Date: Oct 1, 2019
Publisher: Bold Strokes Books

A sweet story to pair with the holidays.

Olivia works at the Evergreen resort. She should have been the next in line to become manager but she was passed up for someone new. On a snowy walk one morning, she meets a charming woman taking photographs, Rachel. There is an immediate connection. But that connection becomes challenged as Olivia finds out that Rachel is the person who stole the job from her. And to make matters worse? She really sucks at it.

There are plenty of ‘moment’s in this book that make the heart sore. Just what I like in a romance. Situations where sparks fly, hearts fill, and tears fall. This book shined with cute fairy trails and swoon worthy Christmas gifts.

I enjoyed the drama between Rachel and her father. We even get to sit in Mr. Markham’s head space every now and again. Usually I wouldn’t care for that, but it really worked for this story. There was a lot of focus on family. The contrast between Olivia and Rachel’s relationships with family members was stark. I felt bad for Rachel and wanted her to experience the love and protection she deserved.

In fact, this was an extremely well rounded book. Some romance, a bit of family drama, some friendship support, chasing dreams, finding purpose, etc.

There were times when this book slowed down a bit. The main characters would spend some time on their own and have internal thoughts that were very similar to each other so it felt a little repetitive.

There was some explicit sex but not a lot. The scenes were fairly quick, which I appreciate.

And I feel a little let down that the chef and the bartender didn’t create any moments of their own.

Overall, I enjoyed this book very much. It would have felt REALLY nice and cozy if read in between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Covered in blankets. By a fire.

I recommend this to those who like to read about romance, holidays, snow, hotel management, photography, family drama, dogs, keeping secrets that undoubtedly come out eventually, and meatballs.

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