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Book Review: Hopeless Romantic by Georgia Beers

Teddi plans weddings even though her own marriage dissolved terribly. One of her clients brings her irresistible sister, Leah, along with her. There is definitely a spark there between Teddi and Leah. However, Leah’s job as a divorce lawyer brings all to many painful memories

Book Review: Flavor Of The Month by Georgia Beers

Sloppy Seconds. Charlie was in college and drifting apart from her long term girlfriend, Emma. They had been best friends as kids and their first everything together. But the distance was damaging and Charlie found herself infatuated with Darcy. A business woman who occasionally spoke

Book Review: One Walk In Winter by Georgia Beers

A sweet story to pair with the holidays. Olivia works at the Evergreen resort. She should have been the next in line to become manager but she was passed up for someone new. On a snowy walk one morning, she meets a charming woman taking

Book Review: The Do-Over by Georgia Beers

I get so revved up when I read books that focus on bullying. It is so difficult for me to read. Perhaps because I went through a bit of that myself. From both sides of the fence. Yes, kids are definitely cruel.