Book Review: The Do-Over by Georgia Beers

I get so revved up when I read books that focus on bullying. It is so difficult for me to read. Perhaps because I went through a bit of that myself. From both sides of the fence. Yes, kids are definitely cruel. 

But for Bella (who went by Izzy back in high school), there were none more cruel than Tara and her gal pal Easton. They tormented her to the point that Izzy had to leave town and never look back.

Then Easton ends up attending a corporate conflict resolution course that Bella is facilitating. Boom. Sparks fly. But not the hateful kind Bella would have expected. 

This story revolves around Bella contemplating her attraction and the potential for more without ever telling Easton that she was her bully back in high school. (Easton doesn’t recognize her because she has had a miraculous glow up.)

I really enjoyed this book, but it was not perfect. There is something revealed about Easton that is a terrible character flaw and yet it is glossed over by EVERYONE. “It’s OK. You were just figuring yourself out!” – Nope. So it was hard for me to really get behind her after that. I eventually got over it, but I just don’t think it was necessary. Could have been made a different scenario with the same kind catalyst for her divorce with Conner.

Speaking of Conner, toward the end the author had Easton reaching out to him. But it just didn’t make sense when in previous conversation, she had mentioned that her Grandpa is the one who knows everything and gets her. I felt a little bit let down that we were never able to see that relationship. It would have been more impacting if he would have had some sage advice that paved her way.

Overall, this was a quick and enjoyable romance. I really liked Bella and her friends. The interactions between Easton and Bella was flirty and sweet. 

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