Book Review: Practice Makes Perfect by Carsen Taite

A breezy legal romance.

Campbell has had enough of working for her jerk boss. At a reunion, she proposes that her law school besties join her in venturing off on their own to create their own law practice. They need to drum up new business and through the help of Campbell’s brother’s inside connections, they get the opportunity to try and snag the hot social media mogul, Braxton. He is not happy with his current representation. Who just happens to be a beautiful old law school classmate, Wynne. The two compete to win but how can you truly compete when there is so much attraction simmering.

This was a light and quick read. Not tons of angst. It was an extremely slow burn romance. The characters were cute. I especially liked Wynne. 

Though I really enjoyed reading the story, I have to say that I couldn’t quite get behind their feelings for each other. They mostly annoyed one another and bickered. But there was attraction, for sure. 

I do recommend this to people who like romance, main characters who initially don’t get along, law, social media, family, and donuts.

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