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Book Review: Best Practice by Carsen Taite

 I have really enjoyed this series about a group of friends that start a small law practice together, thinking they would be able to set the rules and create a nice work/life balance. But starting any business is hard work and they have found themselves

Book Review: Out of Practice by Carsen Taite

Never the bride… Abby flies off to her vacation destination completely prepared to relax and enjoy her time of seclusion from others. But when Roxanne falls into her lap, her personal itinerary falls by the wayside. Their no-strings/no personal information fling becomes more than they

Book Review: Leading The Witness by Carsen Taite

When a predator returns. Catherine Landauer is a local attorney who keeps to herself. Starr Rio is a star prosecutor who has plans to become the next District Attorney. The two women face off right from the start while negotiating a deal that would give

Book Review: Practice Makes Perfect by Carsen Taite

A breezy legal romance. Campbell has had enough of working for her jerk boss. At a reunion, she proposes that her law school besties join her in venturing off on their own to create their own law practice. They need to drum up new business

Book Review: Pursuit Of Happiness by Carsen Taite

I couldn’t get enough of this book.  Meredith is a Senator. Stevie is a Public Defender. Their paths cross when Meredith has to question Stevie in regards to a minimum sentencing rule. Stevie wants more time to persuade the Senator in her favor so invites