Book Review: Out of Practice by Carsen Taite

Release Date: Feb 1, 2020
Publisher: Bold Strokes Books

Never the bride…

Abby flies off to her vacation destination completely prepared to relax and enjoy her time of seclusion from others. But when Roxanne falls into her lap, her personal itinerary falls by the wayside. Their no-strings/no personal information fling becomes more than they agreed to but end up going their separate ways anyway. Once back home, their jobs bring them back together as adversaries.

This is the second book in the ‘Legal Affair’ Series by Carsen Taite. I enjoyed the first book, ‘Practice Makes Perfect,’ but this one was even better. The three best friends are still working hard at lawyering. Campbell and Wynne, from book one, are still together and make appearances throughout.

I liked the contrast between the main characters. Abby has an aversion to relationships. She is jaded and doesn’t believe in marriage. Her mother hasn’t been the best role model and continues to marry men in hopes of finding ‘the one.’ On the other hand, Roxanne is a romantic and has a wedding blog. She wants the real thing even though she is unsure if she’ll ever find it.

I enjoyed the ruse of a casual relationship between Abby and Roxanne when it was so clearly anything but. The conflict between them seemed as if it was going to be easy to navigate until evil TV got in the way. The ending was super campy with grand gesture and dramatics. Something you would see at the end of a romantic movie and I loved every second of it. It really appealed to my sappy heart.

Overall, this was a quick read romance that gave me all the good feelings.

I recommend to people who like to read about romance, vacations, flings, lawyers, blogging, weddings, friends, fighting the feelings, grand gestures, protesters, and wedding veils.

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