Book Review: Spanish Surrender by Rachel Spangler

Release Date: July 10, 2019
Publisher: Brisk Press

I love Spangler so much that I had to pull this out of the DNF (Did not finish) pile and make an honest attempt at finishing it. To be honest, it was a struggle up until the 67% mark. Then it began to have a pulse.

Simone is a major publishing house shark that is in Spain to have her first vacation in forever. But then gets called to go in for the kill and bid for a company for the sole purpose of gaining rights to one author’s body of work. But in order to seal the deal, she will have to learn about the customs and general essence of Spain in order to win them over.

So she finds herself attached to Loretto, a sexy soft butch tour guide who lives life quite the opposite of strict-schedule-loving Simone.

So let’s get down to it. I originally marked this as DNF because I was bored. But I have to tell you that many of you probably wouldn’t be. Spangler takes the reader on a journey of discovery through Spain. You feel like you are on tour with Simone and Loretto. She was clearly so passionate about this place and tried to do it justice. If you love history and learning and have a desire to learn about Spain, then you will be very delighted with this. If you are like me, and find history lessons repellent, then this will be hard to get through.

I battled through all of that because I love Rachel Spangler, Darn it. It didn’t sit well with me that I had one of her books in my DNF list when I have adored all of her books to the grade of 4 and 5 stars. I’m glad that I did, because the last part was really good. I suppose that the amount of conflict and arguments Loretto and Simone had led to a bigger payoff when they began to shed their protective barriers. I had a lump in my throat the entire remaining 33%, trying to safeguard my OWN heart.

The first part I am giving a 2 and the last part a 5. So overall, this gets a 3 star rating. It seems like a shame, given how much the ending touched me. But I really can’t rate something I almost DNF’d twice higher than that. So sorry to Rachel Spangler. I do adore your writing. It isn’t your fault that I am deficient the desire for history lessons.

I DO recommend this to people who like to read about history, Spain, romance, ice queen, enemies to lovers, arguments, politics, citizenship, publishing, really hot intimate scenes, and violent monkeys.


You aren’t going to believe this but…

I cannot get through this new Rachel Spangler book. It is a snooze fest. I am 30% through and literally nothing has happened except the butch tour guide giving a history of Spain. I don’t even like either of the main characters. At all. I just can’t.

Very surprising. I think I have rated every Rachel Spangler book I’ve read as 5 star. Most, of them at least.

Wish I wouldn’t have bought this.

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