Book Review: Trails Merge by Rachel Spangler

Since this book was published ten years ago, it qualifies for Fallback Friday, right?

Campbell is a soft butch who had to choose between her first love or her family as a result of an ultimatum. She chose home on the mountain where her family owns and operates a small ski resort. Parker, a former political candidate advocate (Don’t judge. I don’t know what the real title is), runs away to do marketing at the Bear Run ski resort. Campbell and Parker are complete opposites. There is an undeniable attraction but everything screams at them it would be a bad idea to pursue anything. Both too haunted by their pasts to move forward.

This book holds up well. It was only ten years ago. The only thing that felt dated was when she described Parker as wearing corduroy pants. I swear we had a conversation about this on goodreads a month ago. I love corduroy clothes, but was informed it is definitely OUT of style.

I have read a lot of recent Rachel Spangler books. They seem to be my favorites so it made sense to go back and read some of her older ones. She must have gotten better with age, because this one was just OK to me. 

There was a lot of unnecessary exposition. It seemed very repetitive at times. We got it. The two characters REALLY didn’t want to move forward with a relationship of any sort. 

I didn’t feel the chemistry like I should have. We were told that they each thought the other hot/sexy. I just couldn’t feel it. There was more bickering than anything. And I love a good enemies to lovers story. But there was nothing that convinced me that either would make such a drastic life change for one another. Or SHOULD, even. 

There were some editing issues in this book which surprised me since this was not self published. Not enough to distract. But quotation marks in the wrong place and lack of s for what should have been plural. 

Overall, this wasn’t a bad book. It was a quick and mildly entertaining read. But if you are looking for a good snow/ski book, try the author’s more recent attempt, ‘Edge of Glory.

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