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Tag Archives: Lesbian Book Reviews

Book Review: Give In To Me by Elle Spencer

Whitney is the author of a popular suspense series. Unfortunately, the last book fell flat because it was likely impacted by the divorce she went through with a well known actress. Now she is doing public speaking engagements and hoping to get her mojo back.

Book Review: Bet The Farm by Fiona Riley

One of the better books I’ve read by Fiona Riley. Lauren is Trina’s best friend/co-worker from book 1, ‘Bet Against Me,’ in the ‘High Stakes Romance’ series. She is having a string of bad real-estate luck and finds herself blowing off some steam at the

Book Review: Hotel Queens by Lee Winter

You can’t go wrong with Lee Winter. She is honestly in a league of her own as far as lesbian fiction goes. Having said that, this was not my favorite of hers. It was solid. There was a really awesome scene where the two mc’s