Book Review: A Lover’s Mercy by Fiona Zedde

This is a follow up to a previous superhero story. I had not read it before this one. I think that it is fine stand-a-lone but it would probably have made a lot more sense early on if I had.

Xochitl is an enforcer. Mai has a superhero identity as ‘Mercy.’ They apparently got together in the previous book. Here, they start off in an existing relationship, and Xochitl is in Mai’s apartment more often than not. Mai wants to move things forward between them and convinces Xochitl to go visit her family. We are supposed to know that Xochitl has bad blood with the Redstones. But since we don’t know, the author tells us why. A lot of crazy things happen and Xochitl and Mai’s partnership hangs in the balance.

This was just OK for me. I didn’t particularly like Xochitl’s voice. The story is first person and we are in her head. She came off to me as a snotty, egotistical, and aloof. She tells us that she adores Mai so much and doesn’t want to live without her but it is not shown. We mostly just get a horny narrative from her. It felt like her thoughts were so clouded by sex and physical attraction that she was confusing lust for love.

The story was interesting. I wanted to know what would happen next. And I did like the Mai character. But I feel like she deserves better than what Xochitl has to offer. No compromise with them. It won’t last 🙂

Recommend to those who like superheros, powers, romance, family drama, action, fight scenes, and tamales.

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