Book Review: All At Sea by Cheyenne Blue

Release Date: April 15, 2020
Publisher: YLVA Publishing


Stevie just had a milestone moment in her life and should be celebrating with her rich family on their yacht. Her moment is overshadowed, however, by her sister’s poorly timed engagement. Not that it was her fault. Leave it to dumb guys to assume that someone’s graduation party is a good time to propose.

She drowns her tears in an ample amount of Champaign and finds herself literally running away drunkenly and meandering down the hatch of an unassuming boat.

Kaz (real name = Karen – How do you get Kaz from Karen?) is an ocean rights activist who has sailed off to play turkey with a large vessel that has intentions to dump something unsavory. To her surprise, she discovers that it isn’t just her and her inhospitable kitty on board.

This part of the book is interesting, engaging, and exciting. Obviously there is a big conflict at first. Stevie needs to get off the boat so she is not late for her new job, after all. And it is very inconvenient that Kaz won’t give up her altruistic calling to drop her off at the nearest shoreline.

We get to experience these two very opposite characters come together as they work to sail the sea toward a protest that Stevie wants no part in. Along the way, they get to know one another and wonder if there could be some romantic potential.

Once they are no longer sailing and protesting, the story really slowed down for me. It became much more of a family drama, rather than an open sea romantic adventure. Stevie struggles to save the relationship with her parents. She has to support her sister’s desire to also escape the same expectations that drove her away. Kaz has a journey of her own to determine whether saving ocean life or nurturing a relationship is more important to her.

I liked the first part of this book better than the rest. The pacing overall felt off. But this was a good premise overall, and I was entertained enough to keep reading.

I recommend this to people who like to read about romance, sailing, nursing, charities, protests, family disputes, and gum trees.

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