Book Review: And Then There Was Her by Tagan Shepard

Release Date: March 12, 2020
Publisher: Bella Books

A meandering stroll through the vineyard.

Madison’s celebrity chef girlfriend, Kacey, gets a new job heading up a restaurant at a Washington state winery. A beautiful spacious cottage is a rent-free perk. Madison can work on her ceramic art full time. So they move from Denver to Washington. Kacey is stir crazy and Madison tries to convince herself that she is not crushing on the stoic butch Minerva Hills Winery owner.

I had a hard time finishing this book. The author writes really beautiful descriptions and sets the scenes well. I think it might be the fact that I’m not into wine and I’m not into art (sorry lesbians everywhere). I could never get into it because there was so much description about pottery and process and winery and process. and cooking and process, etc. It just ventured too deep into all of these things that I find uninteresting for the most part.

Add to that the fact that I found Madison to be extremely weak minded. Always sacrificing for someone else. Letting life bring her down and stay down. Blaming herself for other people’s mistakes. Becoming influenced by opinions of others. I wanted to root for her but I could never get behind her.

I love angst, but I was mostly unaffected by the characters to the point that the drama felt contrived and not emotionally impacting.

My favorite character was Boots.

I am giving this three stars. Not because I like it but because it had good writing and I think if you are really into wineries, cooking, or art, this might be an awesome book for you.

It just wasn’t for me.

I very much recommend reading the author’s other book ‘Across the Dark Horizon,’ though. That book is a fast pace, sci-fi, thriller that kept me on the edge of my seat.

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